November 26, 2013

The most epic of meals, Thanksgiving.

No real posts for this week because it's Thanksgiving! We, meaning some friends from my lab and I, are hosting the 3rd Annual Grad Thanksgiving.  None of us live close enough to our families to go home and see them, so we've made our own family here.  I didn't plan on tackling a Thanksgiving turkey until I was in my 30s, and none of us planned on hosting Thanksgiving while our parents were still alive, but life had different plans. And we rose to the challenge! Our Thanksgiving is complete with turkey, garlicy mashed parsnips and potatoes, cresent roles, homemade gravy and cranberry sauce, apple and pumpkin pie (with homemade crusts!), multiple veggie sides and salads, a smattering of appetizers, and a decent amount of booze.  For the hosts, we have all day snacking and there is ne'er an empty cup to be seen. It's like a real adult Thanksgiving, but without all the family drama that one racists uncle causes.

Sorry no knitting, but enjoy these lovely leaves.
But this most awesome of days requires a lot of planning on our parts, while still pulling regular lab hours.  So unfortunately knitting is on the back burner this week.  I hope everyone enjoys the time off with their friends and families, and stuffs themselves most abundantly. Happy Thanksgiving, from the hostesses with the mostest!


  1. Hey Steph! I have been knitting baby hats on my short break for Thanksgiving and thinking about you! Your sweaters are truly amazing! So so impressive. Any chance you will be around at Christmas time and we could get together and knit? Maybe wine and knitting at my mama's house (she would love to join, I am sure!). Thoughts? Miss you, dear friend. Thanks for this inspiring blog!!

  2. Hanna! Thanks! Yes I'll be in WI for about a week during Christmas and New Years. I would love to hang out and knit :D Hanging out with you and your mom with yarn and wine sounds wonderful.